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#5G: Rising Clamour Against 5G Hype


#5G: Rising Clamour Against 5G Hype

The clamor against hype around 5G continues to rise. At the recently concluded Mobile World Congress, Vodafone CTO Johan Wibergh raised eyebrows by mentioning that vendors were hyping 5G and its advantages for personal gains and the use cases are likely to become a reality only in another five to ten years. He discussed with Mobile Europe about 5G, after 5G non-standalone New Radio Technology is locked. The focus should now be on the benefits of 5G in the long run. It is also mentioned that the eye-catching features will only be available from 2020 or maybe even five or ten years later. (See: 5G: Hype or Reality??)

There are some operators who are creating a hype about 5G, and they are doing it in a group. For the vendors, the market outlook comes up with many challenges and this is one of the major reasons why they’re creating a hype about the entire thing. However, it is very important to be sensible about the 5G technology.

In such a scenario, there is a huge contradiction as most of the vendors are now focusing on the 5G technology. Wibergh is not against the vendors but suggests that more and more enterprises will come in the market in future, and there won’t be any use cases.

The very first 5G commercial products will be based on the personal hotspots, and this is being shared by the different panel members. However, mobile phones should be considered as one of the most important factors because it will directly impact the economy.

If you consider the enterprise market, any kind of requirements can be only done by 4G, no matter whether it is NB-IoT or Cat-M. It is being expected that 5G will be used in the long run, and therefore one cannot assume that how the enterprise use cases will affect the market.

Another important thing which should be discussed right now, is, how 5G will impact the market. Most of the people who have attended the FIRA this week must have watched videos that focus on the infinite 5G use cases.


The next big challenge for the telecom industry is the spectrum, as the sub-6GHZ bands are extremely critical, along with millimeter wave.



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