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A list of “would be” 5G phones is here!


A list of “would be” 5G phones is here!

The 5G technology is ready to make its mark in the next two years and so are the phone makers around the world. A list of mobile phones that are most probably going to be launched under the umbrella of 5G technology are as follows:


Apple is not in the 5G race! While other mobile companies are planning to launch 5G phones as soon as possible, Apple is in no hurry to place any technology under its brand just for the sake of participating in the 5G battle.


The hit series Galaxy S10 of Samsung is said to be launched with 5G features enabled in its another phone segment “Galaxy S10 Plus”, in association with a South Korean telecommunication company.

South Korea is almost ready with its 5G network deployment in around March 2019, and Samsung too seems to find February-March the most appropriate time to launch its Galaxy S phones. Thus, it may be expected that the 5G phone could be launched by the company around the speculated time.

On the other hand, Bloomberg has also conveyed that this phone could be launched in the US by Samsung in partnership with Verizon.


Google has been roping in Verizon as its exclusive carrier partner for its Pixel phones since quite a while now. The recent Pixel 3 has also been placed by Google with the help of Verizon.

Additionally, Verizon has been vocal enough to declare its 5G network roll out in early 2019. This directs to a significant hint that Google’s next flagship, the Pixel 4, could be a 5G phone!


In August, LG announced that its first US 5G phone will be introduced on Sprint and in the first half of 2019 itself.

Director of product portfolio for Sprint, John Tudhope, said that the device will be a premium phone. Adding to this, “the phone will have a distinct look and you will know it’s a 5G device”, said the vice president of 5G development at Sprint Business, Mishka Dehghan.


Motorola’s recent model Motorola Moto Z3 had 5G characteristics which could be operated with the help of an accessory called Mod. Although, Moto’s Mod is still to be released and the price of the same have also not been shared.

Doug Michau, Motorola Mobility’s director of technical sales and operations, has confirmed that a phone that supports 5G without any accessory is in the queue of being built, “definitely less than three years, but no time frame yet” he added.


Huawei had already announced during the Mobile World Congress Shanghai held in June that its first 5G phone will go on sale before the end of June 2019, just after its first 5G Kirin modem and processor gets released in March 2019.

The main attraction of this 5G phone is that it will also have a foldable screen.


A close source of OnePlus has said that the 5G phone under the company’s name wouldn’t be part of its main flagship lineup. In fact, a separate phone will be designed by them to utilize the high-speed network more efficiently.


With a $3.5 billion  partnership, Nokia and T-Mobile are expected to launch their 5G phones in 2019. T-Mobile’s 600MHz spectrum will play a vital role in establishing a cohesive 5G network.


The Chinese phone company had showcased a phone at the the MWC trade show in February 2017, proving its 5G readiness. Although, it wasn’t an actual phone but just a concept.

This year during the MWC, the company has given a “late 2019” indication for its 5G phone launch.

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