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About The Telecom TIMES

The Telecom TIMES strives to bring news, views, and insights to the telecom industry professionals, decision makers, and policymakers. More than the breaking news we endeavor to reveal context and insights behind the latest announcements and happenings.

The Telecom TIMES provides comprehensive information, news, and analysis, insights as well as consulting and marketing solutions for the global telecommunications industry.

Driven by a network of well-known communications journalists and analysts in all the major markets, TheTelecom Times is your one-stop portal for learning trends and latest developments impacting the communications industry.

New and path-breaking technologies like SDN, NFV, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine are spreadheading the transformation of the communications network. Leveraging our global network of journalists and analysts, we hope to be at the forefront of the coverage of this paradigm shift in the communications industry.

Coupled with the technological developments, The Telecom TIMES would be regularly interviewing the knowledge leaders, path-definers and drivers of the major telecom industry from across the globe.

You can get in touch with us at [email protected] or on Twitter and Facebook. Looking forward to hearing from you!!



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