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#Airtel Speed Is Better Than #Jio in India: OpenSignal


#Airtel Speed Is Better Than #Jio in India: OpenSignal

While the telecommunication companies in India are competing against each other in the 4G race, OpenSignal comes up with data that shows how important the speed race is for the Indian users. The consumers aren’t only satisfied by the 4G download speed, but they also look for different types of available networks and even 3G speed as well. The importance of the overall speed is that it helps to measure the normal speed that each smartphone user in India enjoys.

OpenSignal planned to track the Indian 4G service providers for the overall speed of download that they offer to the consumers. The test has been continued over the three months period for 10 months. According to the report, the paths taken by the telecom companies like Reliance Jio, Idea, Vodafone and Airtel of India are quite different.
The test result shows that though the overall speed provided by Idea, Vodafone and Airtel has been steady throughout the summers of 2017, during September, the download speed increased significantly.

Instead of increasing the speed of the LTE service, the service providers increased the LTE networks. Therefore, the increase of the speed has actually taken place because more customers have been using the 4G service. The most significant growth has been shown by Idea and Airtel and Airtel became the market leader in terms of providing super speedy internet.

In case of Reliance Jio, the result was supposed to be different because the telecom operator offers only 4G network and nothing else. Therefore, the speed of the operator can be measured through the download speed only. Reliance Jio users have confirmed that they have been able to find the LTE signal almost every time and the percentage shows that 96 percent of the time the customers didn’t have any problem. Though it seems promising for the company, Reliance Jio faces issues because it doesn’t have the required capacity. Reliance Jio has surpassed the speed of Airtel in 2017 May, June and July.

Though Reliance Jio got second in the general speed race in February 2018, as per the data collected by OpenSignal, Reliance Jio can surely beat Airtel as soon as the company’s overall speed increases. If Vodafone and Idea will also not stay behind in the race and these two operators will also try to decrease the speed gap that the market leaders have created in the recent times.

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