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Android Operating System Comes To Cars


Android Operating System Comes To Cars

Android is a dominant player in the smartphone arena, but a lesser heard name on the automotive sides. In a novel initiative, Qualcomm Technologies and Google have decided to bring Android to the dashboards of the cars, meaning the future cars might be able to run Android apps without a smartphone as an intermediary.


Google and Qualcomm Technologies demonstrates the novel concept at this year’s Google I/O. The Android in-car concept is powered by Snapdragon 820A processor in the Sandbox. The concept shows Android apps running in the car, downloaded and installed through the Google Play store. This especially helps the car manufacturers create powerful infotainment systems using Android, enabling easy addition of connected services and applications.

“Snapdragon Automotive processors, combined with Android, will enable the automotive ecosystem to create cutting-edge connected car and infotainment platforms,” said Nakul Duggal, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

“Android as the infotainment OS in the car will allow drivers and passengers to interact with their vehicles in new and exciting ways. We are pleased to be working with Google and the automotive ecosystem to usher in the next generation of in-car experiences.”

Car manufacturers, automotive suppliers and developers can create Android-powered infotainment solutions using Automotive Development Platforms (ADP) for Snapdragon 820A and Snapdragon 602A processors. The ADPs, available for purchase through Intrinsyc, will provide access to the platform for developing, testing, optimizing and showcasing next-generation infotainment solutions.

Using this platform, OEMs, developers and system integrators can significantly reduce their software development time and risk and begin final production software qualification earlier.

“Google is committed to building Android into a platform that fuels innovation in the automotive space,” said Patrick Brady, director of Android engineering, Google.

“We are in close collaboration with industry leaders such as Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to bring the best of Android into the automobile in a safe and seamless way. This initiative represents the next step in bringing the power of an open platform and rich ecosystem that enables car makers to create powerful infotainment systems designed for the digital age,” he said.

Embedding Android to infotainment systems can create a more personalized experience. Manufacturers can customize the interface to match their brands’ and look and feel.

Ria Lakshman. V is a lead news writer at The Telecom Times. She studied Journalism at Manipal School of Communication and proceeded to work in newspapers and magazines, with technology as her focus area. Passionate about Telecommunications sector, her move to 'The Telecom Times' was a natural choice. Alongside, she also writes for Telecom Talk, where she covers news and tech commentaries in the sector of telecom. In the free time, Ria loves to go camping, read books, or sketch illustrations. She also runs a local design studio and promotes eco-friendly crafts. Ria can be found sharing her knowledge and insights on Twitter.



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