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#APAC Region Takes Lead In #5G Deployment; All Set To Change Global Dynamics


#APAC Region Takes Lead In #5G Deployment; All Set To Change Global Dynamics

The Asia-Pacific region, which has generally been known as a follower of technologies, is set to take the lead with the upcoming 5G technology.

“Over the past decade, Asia-Paci c has transitioned from being the world’s factory to a leading developer of next-generation technologies, such as arti cial intelligence (AI) and automation, big data, blockchain, cloud computing, connected devices, robotics, and virtual/augmented reality,” says the recent report by MIT Technology Review.

The region has already emerged as a test-bed for 5G. “From early demonstrations at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games in South Korea and Australia, to innovation hubs exploring use cases like immersive entertainment and AI-based drones, Asian countries are already tinkering with 5G. Experts expect immediate impact in manufacturing, and later in mass IoT, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles,” says the report. The APAC region has emerged as a frontrunner in the digital era and this will alter the dynamics of newer technology innovation.

The findings of the The area has become one of the leading places in the world that are developing the updated technologies. The progress of cloud computing, robotics, artificial intelligence or AI, the blockchain, augmented reality etc is taking place in the Asia-Pacific region.

Singapore and Malaysia have become part of developing robotics. On the other hand, the government along with the research and development group is helping the companies to spend more on developing IoT, AI, and smart manufacturing.

Even the countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia that have emerging market, the smartphone applications that connect the customers are heavily used. The companies in the Asia-Pacific area are hoping to explore many new cases as the 5G deployment is being planned. The 5G deployment will allow low latency, huge bandwidth and will allow connecting huge devices through their own ecosystem.

The application of 5G services will upgrade holographic consultations to the vehicles that will be autonomous, futuristic factories etc. Besides, the 3G and 4G enabled smartphones will also develop with the launch of 5G.

The southern Asia-Pacific region comprises of the countries New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia. The countries in the southern Asia-Pacific region have proved that they too can lead the market through digital innovations.

The countries of this region are not only competing with the rest of the world successfully but they are also leading the competition at times. Autonomous vehicles, AI, robotics connected devices and IoT are some of the development that can be noticed in these places.

Each of the countries of the southern Asia-Pacific region has its own companies that are working hard to solve the technological challenges. Some of the companies have come up with service robots or ‘care-bots’ so that the ageing population can be offered service.

The southern Asia-Pacific region has already proved to be the ideal test-bed for the new 5G network. According to many experts, the telecom companies in this region are hoping to deploy 5G services within the next two to three years. However, the companies need to get rid of the internal issues and have a clear set of rules regarding the regulatory framework of 5G services.



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