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Asia Will Be the Leader In 5G Market By 2025

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Asia Will Be the Leader In 5G Market By 2025

As per the report of Mobile Economy, Asia Pacific will be the region with most 5G connections by the end of 2025 as 675 million connections are going to be in use within the next seven years.

The report has disclosed that countries like South Korea, Australia, Japan and China are going to be the pioneers of the commercial 5G launch. The service is expected to be available for commercial purposes within the next year.

The report also said that by the end of 202 the countries in the Asia Pacific will have half of the world’s 5G population. The director of GSMA has quoted that over the past few years the users of Asia Pacific region have migrated to mobile broadband networks rapidly and it is one of the biggest reasons that this region will lead the race of commercial 5G connections.

In order to accelerate the progress of the digital economies and societies of Asia, mobile operators are prepared to invest as much as $200 bl. They are planning to upgrade and develop the existing 4G networks along with launching their 5G networks.

According to the published report, $1.5 trillion has been added in the last year’s economic value by the mobile operators of Asia. The amount is equivalent to 5.4% of regional Gross Domestic Product or GDP and it also shows that the mobile network is adding value to the economy of the area.

Even though 5G services will be available for the mass in 2019, 4G service will still dominate the mobile market of Asia Pacific region and it will grow as well. Some recent statistics show that 14% of the total mobile population will be using 5G by the end of 2025, whereas, 62% of them will still use 4G. However, people are expected to switch to 5G as soon as the claims of low latency and greater connectivity start coming true.

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