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#AsiaPacific Region is Running Ahead in #5G Spectrum


#AsiaPacific Region is Running Ahead in #5G Spectrum

There are some countries in the Asia Pacific region that will deploy 5G quite soon. On the one hand, the Japanese telecom companies like KDDI and NTT DoCoMo have already declared that they will launch 5G service in some areas in 2019. On the other hand, some of the South Korean telecom companies have been permitted to deploy 5G networks for commercial use by the end of this financial year.

Following are the countries that have either started using 5G technologies or will start soon.


As per the Australian Communications and Media Authority or ACMA, 3.6 GHz band spectrum will be awarded so that the telecom companies can offer 5G service from November 2018. The division of the spectrum will spread across 14 regions and 350 lots in Australia.

If any of the carriers are interested, they must pay the amount of 10,000 AUD as application fee to take part the auction. However, as per the regulator, there will be a spectrum cap. Each of the bidders will be allowed to use 80 MHz in the rural areas and 60 MHz in the urban areas.

South Korea

South Korea has already completed its tender process in June 2018. The process has awarded 28 GHz and 2.8 GHz bands for deploying 5G services. The South Korean government offered 2,400 MHz in its 28 GHz band and 280 MHz in its 3.5 GHz spectrum band. The spectrum division was 24 blocks and 28 blocks correspondingly.

Each of the participants such as LG U+, SK Telecom, and KT had to adhere by the 10-block cap per spectrum band. The total amount that the telecom companies paid for the spectrum was 3.3 billion USD.


There has been a high-level panel that has been looking after the 5G technologies in India. The panel has recommended the local government to declare a policy for 5G allocation. According to the panel, there must be an earmarking regarding the additional airwave bands so that 5G technology gets a boost in the country.

The government aided 5G-Forum allows the carriers to test their services in the next few months. There is planning regarding the auction of 5G spectrum that will take place in March 2019.



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