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AT&T Struck a Deal to Acquire AppNexus

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AT&T Struck a Deal to Acquire AppNexus

The latest deal signed by AT&T is all about acquiring AppNexus, the digital advertisement organization. The sum that the company struck the deal in has not been disclosed yet. The reason behind this move is to accelerate the development of the fresh marketing platform of the operators.

Though none of the companies revealed the financial terms in which the transaction has taken place, according to some early reports, AT&T paid $1.6 bn only, whereas the company paid $85 bn when it purchased Time Warner.

Recently AT&T purchased Time Warner and the company now intends to utilize the assets so that it can build an empire of advertisement. The aim of AT&T is to launch ad-supported models of video that the users will be able to watch against $15 per month.

AppNexus has a team of 400 employees that include from product managers to software engineers. The employees of the digital advertisement company are well trained in advertising technologies, predictive analytics and machine learnings. Therefore, AT&T will be able to expand its service with the help of advertisement technologies in different regions of Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

As per the statement of the advertisement and analytics business head at AT&T, the company can utilize the various talents, the scale of set-up and the advanced technology that AppNexus has. Therefore, the combination of both companies will be able to deliver an advertisement platform that is best in the world and that offers an innovative and new platform for the publishers and the brands.

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