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Australia might not put #5G ban on #Huawei


Australia might not put #5G ban on #Huawei

According to a new report issued by The Australian, Huawei is not likely to be banned by the Australian government in its pursuit of the 5G deployment in the country. But, the vendor may possibly have to undergo several restrictions on the technologies it provides to various mobile operators.

It is informed by a close source to the newspaper that, despite a number of politicians and security agencies were adamant that the government should block the company due to its involvement in 5G roll-out, the government is not putting any ban on it. Although, it is said that the government is likely to forge some new security and notification requirements on the telecom operators.

The company is regarded as “high-risk provider”, which could tend to limit it to yield only core network equipment and not the radio access network (RAN) in the forthcoming legislation, reported the newspaper. Initially, this equipment were rendered to Optus and Vodafone Australia for their respective LTE networks.

Tom Uren, a cybersecurity expert at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute told to that, Huawei will certainly have to deal with restrictions, thereby forbidding it from major 5G roll-outs that are about to take place. It was also reported back in early June this year that, Huawei lost a significant contract of linking Sydney to the Solomon Islands through building a cable.

However, in July itself the company won another contract that had to build and maintain radio systems in Perth, which could efficiently deliver voice and data services on the rail network in the city. The deal is believed to be worth AUD136 million ($98.8 million) and is expected to start by the end of this month, subsequently finishing by 2021.


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