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Bharti Airtel May Lose the Game to Reliance Jio in the DTH Sector

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Bharti Airtel May Lose the Game to Reliance Jio in the DTH Sector

The decision that Reliance Industries took of buying Den Network and Hathway Cable proved to be beneficial for Reliance Jio. The company is planning to snatch the first position in both broadband and DTH sector.

Jio has already announced its launch of Jio GigaFiber service, which is yet not officially available in many places. However, as the company acquires the stake of Den Networks and Hathway Cable, it has placed itself ahead in the competitive market.

According to the analysts, the buyout will help the company to lead the DTH sector, which was led by Bharti Airtel until now. Reliance Jio now has 24 Ml subscribers that belonged to Hathway Cable and Den Network. Although Bharti Airtel is also increasing its subscriber base rapidly, the company may face a reduction in the number.

Reliance Jio has already become more reachable than Bharti Airtel long before the company planned the rollout its GigaFiber services. Bharti Airtel claims to provide its service to 2 Ml homes. On the contrary, Reliance Jio already has access to more than 20 Ml subscribers.

Reliance Jio has already spent 5,230 Cr INR since 15th August. However, it is obvious that Bharti Airtel is already planning to hold its position in the market. The main target that the company needs to focus on is to convert the subscribers from the fixed line connections or the cable connections to the Fibre to the home or FTTH service.

Many analysts think that Reliance Jio already has a better position as it has more than 250 Ml subscribers of its 4G service. Besides, the company also has well-known content distribution mobile applications such as Jio Music, Jio TV, Jio Newspaper etc. Therefore, the content broadcasters may pay better attention to the company.

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