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Can The T-Mobile And Sprint Merger Take #5G to the Next Level?


Can The T-Mobile And Sprint Merger Take #5G to the Next Level?

As the two telecommunication companies T-Mobile and Sprint join their hands together, they aim to take the 5G network to the next level. Though the companies need to go through some major steps in order to convince the regulators about the necessity of the merging, both the organization plan to offer 5G service for all categories of users.

The USA witnesses the highest mobile network capacity:

As per the announcement video of both the companies, “New T-Mobile”, the newly formed company will use both the 2.5GHz band of Sprint and 600MHz band of T-Mobile to create a national network that offers the highest mobile network capacity in the USA for the first time. However, none of the two companies have announced the timeframe they are targeting in releasing the new 5G service. Sprint is already planning to release its 5G network by 2019 end and it has already started laying the groundwork in numerous cities with MIMO antennas. On the other hand, T-Mobile hopes to roll out its 5G network by 2020 end and it also has started preparing itself for the network to release.

The combination of both the spectrums might be productive:

Some experts assume that combining both the spectrums from 2.5GHz mid-band of Sprint to 600MHz low-band of T-Mobile might prove to be a productive venture as both the companies will be able to release 5G network on a larger scale and offer reliable and consistent speed.

Why are the companies collaborating instead of contending?

Unless the companies T-Mobile and Sprint focus on the results they expect from their collaboration, the chances are that the American regulators won’t allow the companies to merge. None of the companies’ websites mention about the finished look of the combined 5G network they’re offering. Instead, T-Mobile and Sprint try to make it evident that if the companies aren’t permitted to merge, the USA might not be able to witness the innovation that is taking place in South Korea and China.

The companies should provide proof:

In spite of the fact that both the companies announced their merger plans separately, T-Mobile and Sprint haven’t been able to come up with any proof on why the merger is important for the two most well-known contenders in the US telecommunication market. Besides, the companies must understand the fact that the process of standardization includes international agreements from either the International Telecommunication Union or the 3GPP.

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