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Can the Telecom Companies Cope with the Stiff 5G Competition?

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Can the Telecom Companies Cope with the Stiff 5G Competition?

The telecom companies across the world are talking about the deployment of 5G technologies. There has been India Mobile Congress 2018 a few days ago. the government bodies, telecom operators and equipment merchants attended the meeting. The focus of the associated parties was fixed on the trials of 5G services, its timeframe, and use cases.

There are only four telecom operators currently in India and among those Reliance Jio is the most aggressive to get hold of the market. Reliance Jio has already collaborated with Samsung for offering 5G services field trial during 2019 in New Delhi. On the other hand, Jio has joined hands together with Ericsson to come up with virtual-reality-enabled driving and 5G-enabled cars.

According to the Chairman of Reliance Jio, India will be prepared to move on from 4G to 5G by the end of 2020. He also said that all the Indians will use 4G-enabled phones so that they are connected through the 4G network. Earlier this year, Reliance Jio claimed to launch its 5G services within the first six months of allocating the spectrum.

Even the Chairman of Bharti Airtel has also emphasized that the company is looking forward to adopting the 5G network. However, he also highlighted that the tax on the telecom sector should be lowered and the spectrum prices should also be reasonable.

As Vodafone Idea Ltd and Bharti Airtel are fighting against financial losses, the companies are bound to invest in 5G networks to get hold of the market. Although these companies will face a huge cost, Reliance Jio will be in a better position comparatively.

As per the declaration of the telecom secretary, the base price for 5G airwaves has been suggested by TRAI and the amount is 492 Cr INR per MHz. Presently, the Indian telecom companies are fighting for sustainability rather than focusing on implementing 5G networks.



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