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China Is in The Verge of Winning The 5G Competition

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China Is in The Verge of Winning The 5G Competition

Currently, China has the greatest number of subscribers and the largest network size. Therefore, China is now determined to lead the 5G telecommunication race. The telecommunication companies of Western countries have started to face a stiff competition from the Chinese companies.

According to a newspaper based in Hong Kong, “big data” can be termed as the digital era’s new oil. In accordance with that, 5G technology can be used as the pipe-set that will deliver the oil or “big data”. China is prepared to win the 5G race so that it can lead the future of the telecommunication industry.

According to the analysts, the 5G wireless network will be a hundred times faster in comparison to the current networks. The 5G network promises many new mobile services. As per the telecom operators, movies can be downloaded in a wink through 5G technology.

The companies that are already leading the 5G race have declared to come up with breakthrough services. Besides, they have also demanded that there will be several new smart devices that will support the 5G technology. It will ensure that the service is made available to the mass effortlessly.

Some of the analysts claim that China is already in the winning position. 5G service has been recognized as the national priority in Beijing. Therefore, it has set a roadmap, “Made in China 2025” and it has achieved the technical standard in the international telecom sector.

The Chinese government is also backing up the companies that are either mobile device manufacturers or mobile carriers so that the companies can focus on developing 5G services. As per a recent study, there are 350,000 cell sites built in China since 2015. On the contrary, there are less than 30,000 cell sites in the USA.

Even though companies like Verizon and AT&T are trying to launch the 5G services in the US within the end of 2018, 5G compatible devices are yet not available. Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei have been barred from carrying out business in the US. However, the whole world is looking forward to knowing who wins the competition of deploying 5G services successfully.



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