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China Plans 5G Trials In 100 Cities: Reports


China Plans 5G Trials In 100 Cities: Reports

China plans to conduct 5G trials in more than 100 cities to maintain its lead as technology innovator in 5G development as well. The country emerged as a major force behind 4G development. However 5G standards are likely to be finalized only by 2020.


While the western countries dominated the development of earlier technologies, China took a lead in the development of 4G, especially TDD-LTE. Some experts believe that China developed a different variant of 4G to avoid paying royalties on foreign technologies. This has created problems for vendors and fragmented the market. The industry might like to avoid the repeat of this in 5G. Development of a single standard would be beneficial to the industry as a whole, especially considering that 5G might involve a number of other verticals, because of Internet of Things (IoT) as well.

Chinese vendors, Huawei and ZTE would be involved in the development of 5G technology. Even as 4G deployment gathers pace, the vendors and operators have started working on 5G technology. The balance of power seems to be shifting from America and European nations to Asian countries. Japan, China and Korea are leading the development of 5G technology. All the three countries have a high level of 4G adoption and government support in developing 5G, which empowers it to take a lead from North American and European countries.



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