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China and the USA Negotiating a Trade Deal That Will Relax the Penalties on ZTE

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China and the USA Negotiating a Trade Deal That Will Relax the Penalties on ZTE

The senior Chinese personnel and the White House are considering a financial deal that will reduce the penalties levied on the Chinese telecom firm ZTE. The deal will take place against some unspecified requisitions from the President of the USA, Donald Trump. Trump has informed that he would turn the way he communicates with Beijing. However, the President of the USA used one of the social media platforms to disclose his wish about the relaxation of the penalties levied on ZTE, the Chinese company that is accused of illegally shipping products to Iran and North Korea.

Though it’s evident that Donald Trump is planning to use the company as his bargaining chip while the White House is trying to pull out consent from China regarding trading, the President of America doesn’t disclose the fact publicly. ZTE has claimed long back that the company would withdraw its operations from the USA because of the restriction in trading. As per these restrictions, the companies in the USA cannot supply microchips or other vital parts to the Chinese company ZTE for seven years. However, Donald Trump informed on Sunday that he would help ZTE, the huge Chinese telecom firm to come back in the business in the USA.

The American President who has always accused Chinese people of stealing jobs changes his tone and says that the loss of jobs in China should be compensated. On the contrary to what the President said, some people believe that in exchange for relieving ZTE from its penalties China will help in the state of affairs for the agriculture in the USA. Nonetheless, the discussion has not proven to be friendly as the President of China Xi Jinping is annoyed about the penalty charged on ZTE and his financial adviser confirmed that no deal can be signed unless the US confiscate the ban on the Chinese telecom company ZTE.
As per the security officials of America, the technology used by ZTE can be harmful to America and these may cause a threat to the cyber-security. Though Trump confirms that America will finalise the deal with China, it’s yet to be seen what measures the American Commerce takes in regards to the directives taken by Donald Trump.

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