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Ciena Launches WaveLogic Ai; To Be Available In H2 2017


Ciena Launches WaveLogic Ai; To Be Available In H2 2017

Ciena has recently launched, WaveLogic Ai, programmable coherent modem, which is foundational enabling technology for self-driving networks, which is critical in the era of Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and disruptive on-demand services.

The company claims that Wavelogic Ai improves network performance by allowing autonomous decisions by offering new levels of visibility into the network. It will be available in the second half of 2017.


“Through open interfaces, it monitors and gathers critical networking data, including embedded real-time link measurements, to make intelligent capacity decisions in real time. For instance, WaveLogic Ai helps determine the optimal capacity for any path across the network and can tune to different capacity levels from 100G to 400G in 50G increments,” says the press release issued by the company.

WaveLogic Ai uses an advanced 400G-optimized technology engine with a higher baud rate to drive twice the capacity per channel, three times the distance at the equivalent capacity, and four times the service density at less than half the power. This scalability supports 400GE and flexible client services to best match service throughput to flexible line capacity.




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