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Cloud-based System Can Help In Resolving Revenue Assurance Problem For Telcos: WeDo Technologies

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Cloud-based System Can Help In Resolving Revenue Assurance Problem For Telcos: WeDo Technologies

WeDo Technologies, a prominent player in revenue assurance and fraud management, continues to invest in its cloud-based solutions, reinforcing its commitment to enabling telecom operators to protect their revenues and reduce fraud.

A recent report by TM Forum says that the service providers continue to lose millions of dollars in revenue leakage because of expanding gap in revenue assurance coverage. The report further says that one in three telcos believe that their revenue assurance systems is unable to cover new services or technologies. About half of the telcos believe that they only manage to cover around 60% of the company’s revenues.

In this context WeDo Technologies believes that its cloud-based solutions can enable operators to resolve this issue and enhance their risk management maturity.

“New technologies are creating opportunities for operators to launch new business models and services but also allows for new instances of telecom fraud to arise. Legacy systems are not keeping up with the complexities of a modern mobile environment therefore creating opportunities for further revenue leakage and erosion of potential profits. The cloud enables operators to have greater speed, agility and sophistication into how they manage their revenue assurance and fraud management,” said Rui Paiva, Chief Executive Officer, WeDo Technologies in the press note issued by the company.

Earlier this year, WeDo Technologies launched RAID.Cloud, which provides a simpler, faster, smarter approach to managing telecom fraud. By leveraging the cloud, RAID.Cloud saves integration time and reduces costs with its self-service and user friendly, on-the-spot onboarding process. It is supported by the development of several detection applications providing digital profiling, customer experience and crowdsourced service assurance analytics. Together, RAID.Cloud enables operators to address today’s fraudulent activity via roaming, bypass and IRSF and equip operators to identify future areas of revenue leakage.



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