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Comparison Between Three Types of Clouds: Public, Private and Hybrid


Comparison Between Three Types of Clouds: Public, Private and Hybrid

In today’s world, almost all the internet users use the cloud. There are three types of cloud models such as public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. The article below will help in understanding which type of cloud is required by a company by comparing the different types of clouds.

Public cloud:

When referring to ‘the cloud’, most people actually mean public cloud. Service providers such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon or IBM host the public clouds. Thus, the customers are able to share as well as access different computer infrastructures like storage, bandwidth, and hardware.

Public cloud is especially beneficial for the customers as they only have to pay for what they are using, which is similar to paying the utility bill. Furthermore, the organizations don’t have to be worried about the installation and maintenance of the cloud.

The only disadvantage of public cloud is its security. As multiple countries have different types of security protocols, public cloud fails to meet regulatory compliances related to security.

Private cloud:

If a company is solely accessing the resources related to infrastructure, it is called the private cloud. Customers can either choose the private cloud that is located on-site or they can opt for an external service provider.

Private cloud is more secure than the public cloud as only one organization has the access to the data. Companies can customize the resources as well so that they can meet the IT requirements. The disadvantage of private cloud is that it is quite expensive.

Hybrid cloud:

A hybrid cloud model provides multiple options from different service providers. With a hybrid cloud, data and applications move between both a private and public cloud. For example, customers can choose to store data in a private cloud, while running an application in a public cloud. Users can enjoy the benefits of both public and private cloud while using the hybrid cloud. In addition, hybrid cloud is less expensive and provides security as well. However, hybrid cloud can be difficult to maintain as it is more complicated.

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