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Cost-Cutting Network Investment Planned by Deutsche Telekom


Cost-Cutting Network Investment Planned by Deutsche Telekom

Within 2021 Deutsche Telekom hopes to witness a significant growth in all its economic sectors. Thus, the German telecom company has cut down €1.5 billion from its yearly expenses and it has started an investment program so that the coverage across the European market can be improved.

As per the telecommunication company, it will reduce the expenditure on the staff and save money by increasing the digitisation and automation throughout Europe. Besides, the company will also get rid of the conventional systems and reduce its cost on real estate as well. It is informed by some officials of Deutsche Telekom that the company has introduced “phased retirement” scheme as a part of its employee reduction method.

The company wants to increase its investment in the mobile infrastructure, which in turn will close the coverage gaps that the company has in the LTE networks before the unveiling of 5G.

Deutsche Telekom hopes to increase the base stations’ number to 36,000 within the end of 2021. Apart from that, the company also plans t invest more in deploying small cells in the urban areas. The LTE coverage has been 94% of the population during 2017 and Deutsche Telekom plans to take it to 98% by the end of 2019. For the rest of the Europe, the company is planning to increase the base stations’ numbers to 47,000 by the end of 2019, which has been 41,000 during 2017.



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