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#Deutsche Telekom Creates To Support Victims of Cybercriminals


#Deutsche Telekom Creates To Support Victims of Cybercriminals

Germany’s economy is soaring high in the present time, and this seems to have gained the attention of the cybercriminals across the world. These hackers/attackers are gradually becoming more professional, both when it comes to organizational structure and the accuracy with which they are infecting. This is why the need of the hour is to keep our networks, systems, laptops, computers, smartphones and tablets secured from any unwanted external threats. is one such Internet portal that has been created by Deutsche Telekom as a platform to rescue users which are extensively affected by these cybercriminals.

Not just business enterprises are victims. Children, teenager, their parents and even seniors have long been caught in the traps of cybercrime. The Federal Office of Criminal Investigation speaks of almost 86,000 cases of cybercrime and almost 252,000 cases with the means of Internet, which were documented nationwide in 2017 by the police. Four percent more than in 2016. At the same time, the damage has increased significantly, from 50.9 million to 71.4 million.

These figures alone illustrate the immense dimension. The actual danger is even more drastic and far exceeds the number of crimes recorded by the police. Security experts estimate that just nine percent of crimes are reported. The problem is that most victims do not even notice the cyberattack. The digital association Bitkom quantifies the financial damage caused by cybercrime last year with 55 billion euros. Experts estimate that every four companies and every second household are victims of cyber attacks.

The targets multiply with increasing interconnectedness. In addition to business enterprises and critical infrastructure, in the private sector it is no longer just computers, laptops and smartphones, but increasingly also devices that are connected to the Internet and networks. These include Internet routers, networks, networked bells and door openers, alarm systems, lamps, baby monitors. provides a variety of support for general topics such as, e-mail and phishing, downloads, software and hardware updates, password security, cloud and backups. In addition, concrete topics are presented that also deal specifically with individual operating systems. Topics range from configuring Internet routers, installing anti-virus protection, setting up a firewall via port sharing, opening VPN tunnels, smart home applications, using free Wi-Fi, guest access for Wi-Fi, and encryption. Online banking, detection of dubious providers, apps, parental controls. VoIP.

But what if a cyberattack was successful? On you can find helpful information for behavior after a successful cyberattack. Should demands for digital blackmail, ransomware, be given in? How to get rid of viruses or spy ware? These and other tips and information are presented in descriptive texts, as help video and graphics.

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