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#Deutsche Telekom To Commercially Launch #5G in 2020


#Deutsche Telekom To Commercially Launch #5G in 2020

As per the CEO of the German telecom group Deutsche Telekom, the company will be launching its first 5G service commercially in 2020. However, the launch will depend on the availability of the commercial devices that support 5G service.

The CEO added that the telecom company is interested to invest as much as 6.32 billion Dollars or 5.5 billion Euro so that the company can build its own broadband network in the home country, Germany.

The CEO of the company welcomed the other companies in the telecom industry to become part of the development of European 5G network platform. Deutsche Telekom already signed a deal with Telefonica Deutschland so that it can connect 5,000 of the cell towers of Telefonica to the fibre network of Deutsche Telekom.

The company had also declared earlier in May 2018 that it has deployed the 5G antennas in Berlin to test the technology. The antennas are based on 5G New Radio. Thus, the company had been able to show its capacity as per its claim to be the first to provide 5G data connection in Europe.

Among the 76 commercial antennas, the company has already deployed 6 antennas in different locations in Schoenberg and Mitte district of Berlin. The rest of the antennas will be installed in more than 20 sites in the future months.

As per a board member of Deutsche Telekom, the company has previously rolled out fibre optic cable to cover 40,000 kilometers and is planning to roll out 65,000 kilometers more this year.



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