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#DoT to Establish Telecom Satellites Network To Improve Communications


#DoT to Establish Telecom Satellites Network To Improve Communications

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of India will take the assistance of space department to come up with satellite networks that will improve the communication services. As per a source, the target of DoT is to establish networks of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) that respectively stands for low earth orbit and medium earth orbit satellite. The telecom ministry of India will be responsible for the expenses that take place.

GSAT 6A, GSAT 7A, GSAT 11 and GSAT 29 are four satellites that have been added in 2018 to the list of the 35 communications satellites launched in the past few years. These satellites are used to provide connectivity in different organizations. These satellites also provide mobile phone connection in hilly areas and in islands.

The GSAT satellites are geostationary. It means that the satellites are located about 36,000 Kms away from the earth. Thus, if someone makes a voice call using the geostationary satellite, the voice of the callers will reach after 20 milliseconds.

According to a government official, mission-critical programmes face problems due to latency in data signals. Even the voice callers also suffer for this. People need to wait until they can hear the complete sentence spoken over the phone. With the help of the LEO satellites that will be placed at a distance of approximately 2000 Kms, the latency will reduce significantly.

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