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What To Expect At Mobile World Congress #MWC2018 ?


What To Expect At Mobile World Congress #MWC2018 ?

The annual trade show, Mobile World Congress, hosted by GSMA, is soon going to take place in Barcelona, Spain for the year 2018. The trade show will showcase a vivid range of launch of smartphones from some of the world’s most renowned companies. (See: The Most Anticipated Devices Launches of MWC2018.)

From displaying tablets to smartwatches, MWC18 will also manifest wireless networks this year. A major emphasis on 5G based on cloud-native architectures and the security issues prevailing in the LTE-based Internet of Things (IoT) is also going to be encapsulated through various conferences going to take place at the MWC.

MWC 2018 is also going to witness “services” and “devices” as a major theme. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence are no newbie in today’s scenario but be it Google or Apple, AI surely is going to hit the bull’s eye with a bundle of offers being catered to the customers through the device makers.

With a motive to introduce their own smart speakers and meet the smart home demands, Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo is queued to be launched at the MWC too. Other than this, Vodafone’s “V for Vodafone” project is also going to embraced by MWC with a notion to give edge to consumer IoT opportunity.

Carrier digital services are to be strictly examined by experts at the MWC. Leveraging the customer data by the carriers leading to poignant repercussions will be talked about in the conferences to safeguard the masses from any data mishandling.

The discussions wouldn’t really be complete if Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon would not get a major share of it at the MWC conferences. Therefore, the social media platforms earning revenues to an unmatched horizon is also going to be assimilated at MWC this year.

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