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Five Tech Trends Set To Dominate In 2018


Five Tech Trends Set To Dominate In 2018

As the year comes to an end, it is time to gaze back at the year gone by and at the same time to look ahead and see what exactly is in store for us.

One key trend which was obvious in 2017 and is likely to emerge as the strongest trend in 2018 is the increasing consumption of video. Till a few years back, internet was predominantly a text-based source of information but this is no longer the case. The video consumption is increasing across the globe and it is going to be the same in the coming year as well.

But it is not going to just video. It is going to be realtime video consumption, video calls, online games and live event broadcasts which are going to dominate in the coming year. The telcos would clearly need to make changes in their network to deal with an increase in video consumption at all levels.

  1. IoT Goes Mainstream

Internet of Things, especially industrial IoT will gather pace in the coming year. It will definitely lead to increase in overall IoT adoption. Smartphones will start interacting with a plethora of things or devices, like drones, household gadgets or cars. There will also be an increase in wearables and deployment of sensors in most markets.

2. Virtual Reality Is No Longer Virtual

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be used for much more than just games in the coming year. The physical and the virtual world will in a sense merge much more and will be part of our everyday lives. The boundaries between the two worlds will become more blur than they are right now. Just like internet has slowly become an intrinsic part of our lives, VR and AR will slowly go beyond gaming. A number of use cases in which they will be used by us will emerge in the coming year.

3. Data Protection Under Lens==Privacy Concerns

All this brings us to the third trend of privacy regulations taking centre stage because of pervasive technology. While the opinion remains divided on whether the authorities should be able to snoop on people’s data or not, there is little doubt that the debate will become more fierce and intense in the coming year. Especially as a number of data protection regulations, including General Data Protection Regulation in Europe will come into force. A major regulation it is being planned to developed to ensure the data safety of citizens of various members of European Union. It will also force many other countries and companies dealing with the European market to take measures and adopt processes to ensure data safety.

4. Autonomous Cars

Self-driving car technology is developing at a breakneck speed with major manufacturers promising autonomous driving functionality in the next two-three years. Media reports say that Tesla is already installing full self-drive capability in all cars. It is going to change the way we transport.

5. Artificial Intelligence 

It is no longer a science fiction but artificial intelligence has started to pervade our lives. The number of media stories about artificial intelligence nowadays indicate that the technology is set to take over small tasks. There has been a lot of concern also about AI taking over a number of jobs done by humans, making them redundant. At the same time, the technology can potentially give birth to a number of jobs as well. AI is today being used to provide recommendations in healthcare, legislation and also guide us in a number of consumption habits. It is here to stay and is set to change the world as we know it.

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