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#Google – #Accenture Study Rates #Indian Websites On #Speed And Other Attributes


#Google – #Accenture Study Rates #Indian Websites On #Speed And Other Attributes

As the usage of mobile is increasing, the experience of the users is playing one of the pivotal roles in the success of the companies. On the one hand, mobile websites are used as online stores to display and sell the products. On the other hand, the decisions of the customers are greatly influenced by the user interface of the websites as well as the purchase journey. However, there are still questions whether the Indian mobile websites provide the customers with the best result. Do the customers go through an international buying experience? Do these companies maintain global practices? Are the search and buying paths comprehensible for the users?

Google India has taken a step and has used three verticals as benchmarks for the mobile websites of India. The Google-commissioned study has been released from Accenture Interactive and more than 110 mobile companies will be scrutinized. The three verticals that Google India has mentioned are Travel, Financial Services, and Retail and Commerce. The study will rate the mobile companies based on Product Page Design, Speed, Mobile Design, Registration and Conversion, and Findability. It is seen that the mobile companies score quite well when it comes to Findability (69%), Registration and Conversion (73%) and Product and Mobile Page design (80%). However, in the attribute of Speed, the companies have scored only 55% in comparison with the mobile websites of the Asia-Pacific region.

According to the study, brands that are unable to prioritize great mobile experiences, run the risk of poor conversions. The study states that 86% of Indian consumers are likely to make purchases on mobile sites that have made search and purchase processes seamless. If not, brands face 20% drop in conversions for every second of delay in mobile page load-time and 53% consumers leave a mobile site that takes longer than three seconds to load.

Sharing insights on how brands can improve their mobile webpage speed, Vikas Agnihotri, Country Director – Sales, Google India said, “Smartphones are a catalyst for consumers to research and carry out commerce online today. It’s up to marketers to prioritize a seamless mobile web experience to retain consumers with content and speed. Brands must counter the top three barriers of slow speed, slow server times and lack of caching policy, to build a strong connection with their consumers, improve conversions and build stickiness.”

The Google-commissioned study from Accenture Interactive also cited top recommendations that can help significantly improve the mobile experience for customers. For example, 74% of the retail and e-commerce sites can improve the registration and conversion rate by creating an account. Similarly, 59% of the retail and e-commerce sites can improve registration and conversion by allowing users to purchase products as guests. In the travel space, by providing search steps or guidance when there are no matching search results, 78% of the sites surveyed can improve findability for brands. And, by avoiding displaying desktop pages on the mobile browser, 36% of the finance players surveyed can improve their mobile design.

The study also shared tips from the most visited mobile sites to help brands match their mobile performance:

· Identify where customers typically drop off on their user journey using quantitative analyses, like web analytics reports, and qualitative analyses.

· Engage in user testing to understand common customer pain points in the five user experience categories.

· Get help: The Web Fundamentals site is a great place for usability, inspiration, the latest tools and technologies, and guidance that can be leveraged to solve customer pain points.

· Test and iterate: Commit to continuous testing and improvements to the mobile website, as delighting users with great user experience is never a one-off process!

· Monitor the mobile site’s speed regularly with Webpagetest or through analytics reports.



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