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Google Appeals Against the “Search Bias” Verdict in India


Google Appeals Against the “Search Bias” Verdict in India

Google appeals against the judgement by Competition Commission of India or CCI which stated that the company is guilty of “search bias”. On the other hand, the website that brought the lawsuit challenged the verdict saying that Google had got away with it lightly.

The term “search bias” is coined to refer the partiality that a search engine shows towards a few websites over their competitors while displaying results for the users’ queries. It can cause harm to the businesses that depend on the search engines for drawing customers to their websites.

After the record 3 billion Dollars fine imposed on Google by the European Commission last year, a 21 million Dollars or 1.36 billion Rupees fine was levied against the company by the Competition Commission of India in February. India’s anti-trust watchdog informed that Google was misusing its supremacy by favouring its own airline over its competitors when it came to searching for online flight tickets.

Google, the leading subsidiary of the US conglomerate Alphabet Inc., notified that an appeal against the verdict has been filed on Tuesday. According to a company spokesperson, Google doesn’t agree with the facets of the decision made by CCI. Therefore, they have filed an appeal and they seek a stay order on the findings until the case is reviewed.

After the February verdict, Google had cited that the issues brought up by the Commission were “narrow concerns”. It also said that most of the issues examined by CCI notified that Google abided by the competition law of India. However, a solicitor who’s well versed with the case informed on Tuesday that one of the matchmaking websites in India,, had filed the lawsuit against Google and they lodged an appeal once again because they weren’t satisfied with the result.

According to the attorney, finds the size of the fine to be too small, so they lodged an appeal. Besides, the website also challenges CCI’s verdict that neither the specialized search design of Google nor its advertising facility AdWords were breaking any of the competition rules in India.

As per an official of CCI, the judgment delivered by the watchdog is “robust” and he also added that it would defend its decision at the NCLAT or National Company Law Appellate Tribunal.

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