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#Google ‘s New App Is Aimed To Overcome Slow Internet Problem In #Africa


#Google ‘s New App Is Aimed To Overcome Slow Internet Problem In #Africa

Google is launching an app that’s precisely developed for Africa to beat common problems like slow Internet connection, the high cost of data all that the Internet users encounter.

In the latest attempt to increase its range of users in the developing markets like Sub-Saharan African countries, Google released Google Go. Let’s not forget that Facebook has also started to make its way into these countries that offer great market. Google’s parent concern Alphabet Inc. has placed fiber-optic wires in Africa, made cheaper Android phones accessible and provided training in digital skills to create a workforce.

Developing nations generally face an issue of slow internet mainly because the service providers are unable to invest in latest technologies because of low ARPU. Efforts like this are designed to not just help the people access internet but to also capture the new and first time users. Africa and Asia has the big chunk of still to be connected users and internet companies like Google and Facebook are making an effort to capture these users.

According to the Internet giant of the US, the new app uses 40% lesser data to display results and users can also save their previous searches so that they don’t have to be online to access those. Google has improved the voice function to make it work even in slower connections. As per the Chief Marketing Officer of Google Africa Mzamo Masito, the technology giant has collaborated with two of the prominent African wireless carriers, Vodacom Group Ltd. and MTN Group Ltd., to make the app available to 2G connection users too. (Here’s your guide to South African Communications Industry . )

The CMO informed reporters that Google Go is going to minimize the problems such as inadequate storage space, high cost for data and lack of speed so that the users get the most out of their internet connection. He also added that the new application will be launched in 26 Sub-Saharan African countries and users of Android Oreo will find this app preinstalled.

As Africa is still a comparatively untouched market for social media, web searches and smartphones, different tech giants of the US are looking to explore this market for huge profit. The Google Go app can be launched in other evolving markets such as Indonesia, India and Brazil as well.


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