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Huawei In Trouble Again In The US!


Huawei In Trouble Again In The US!

Chinese telecom equipment vendor, Huawei has been ordered to reveal information regarding export or re-export of US technology to other countries such as Iran, Sudan, South Korea and Syria.


The New York Times reported that the US Commerce Department has issued a subpoena to Huawei last month to prove its dealings with these companies in the past five years. The US is known to impose strict rules over the use of US technology in network equipment exported to other countries. If the Chinese vendor is found to have exported to these countries, the country might prevent the company from using US technology in its products in future.

Not too long ago, ZTE was similarly accused by the Commerce Department of exporting US technology to Iran. However, the company was later granted a temporary reprieve and is currently working out a settlement with the US authorities.

In the past as well, Huawei has faced problems in the US and at one time was barred from conducting business in the country. In 2012, US said that Huawei could pose a threat to the US security if the company builds the country’s 4G networks.

“Huawei is committed to complying with the applicable laws and regulations in the markets where Huawei operates and export control measures promulgated by the international community, including those promulgated by UN, EU and the United States,” the company said.



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