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#Huawei Is Ready to Share “Source Code” With for #India


#Huawei Is Ready to Share “Source Code” With for #India

The Chinese equipment vendor, Huawei, has disclosed that it is prepared to share its source code with the Indian government and the telecom operators. The decision is taken so that the security issues in question are dealt with ease.

The CEO of Huawei India has come up with a statement. It says that the company has already put up their source code in the test center that the UK government has set up. Since there has been a question of security in India in 2010, the company has agreed to share the source code with the government of India as well. According to the claim of the chief executive officer of Huawei, it is the only company to share its source code.

The CEO also claimed that the equipment and solutions provided by Huawei do not pose any threat related to security nor the allegations against the company have been proved. The CEO said that the chief security officers of the telecom companies of India work with Huawei to maintain security.

As per the statement of the CEO of Huawei India, the company is neither public company nor is it state-owned. Rather the company is employee-owned in China. It is assumed that the company is planning to invest approximately 2 billion USD over the next few years to ensure cybersecurity. Thus, the company aims to ease the concerns regarding security that it has been facing globally.

The Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council or TEPC has raised concerns against Huawei. However, the Cellular Association of India or COAI has requested the telecom secretary to not take any hasty decision depending on the unproven charges.

Even though companies like Nokia and Ericsson purchase mobile equipment from Huawei, both the company confirmed that they follow strict protocol to maintain security.



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