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#Indian Govt will Initiate Broadband Readiness Index in Different States


#Indian Govt will Initiate Broadband Readiness Index in Different States

According to the recent announcement of the telecom secretary of India, the government is hoping to initiate broadband services index of different states. The parameters of the index will be the use of high-speed internet, infrastructure and the process of approval.

The telecom secretary also added that a study of a research firm has disclosed that there will be a seven-fold effect brought by the 100 billion dollar investment. The top official said that the broadband readiness index is another important step for the investment. The Ministry of Electronics and IT is also interested in the readiness index.

It is planned that the telecom ministry will start the workshop regarding the implementation of NDCP or National Digital Communication Policy. The policy predicts an investment of 100 billion dollars in the telecom industry of India by 2022. Thus, it is assumed that every citizen of India will be connected through broadband at a speed of 50 MB per second. It will create around 40 lakh vacancies.

The telecom secretary said that 25 states will participate in the first national workshop. The focus is to start National Broadband Mission that will help in accomplishing the aim of broadband for everyone.

The discussion at the NDCP will be regarding the problems that the leading telecom companies are facing. Besides, how these issues are affecting the rollout of telecom infrastructure and how these are affecting the investment will also be discussed.

The target of the telecom secretary is to ensure that optical fiber cables can penetrate 100%. Thus, not only the urban areas but the rural areas too will benefit from 5G launch. The official added that only if the state governments come forward, there will be many vacancies with the launch of 5G networks. She also said that if the states can provide with electronic equipment, services such as e-education, telemedicine and e-health can be made possible.



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