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#India’s Apex Court Supports The Controversial #Aadhaar Card Project


#India’s Apex Court Supports The Controversial #Aadhaar Card Project

The Supreme Court of India announced its verdict in favor of the Aadhaar Card project. There have been many arguments regarding the privacy of the national identity card. In order to reach the verdict, the SC of India has evaluated the constitutional validity of Aadhaar card.

After evaluating the necessity of linking Aadhaar card to bank accounts, the SC ordered that linking Aadhaar card to bank accounts, telecom services or schools is not obligatory. Besides, the court also ordered that private companies can’t access the data of Aadhaar card.

On the contrary, one of the judges of the bench of five judges said that Aadhaar card project to be ‘unconstitutional’. However, out of the five, three judges didn’t think that the Aadhaar card breaches the right to privacy.
Aadhar card project started with the idea of helping the poor citizens of India to avail the welfare services. However, soon banks, credit companies, telecom companies etc started to use Aadhaar to authenticate the identity of the customers.

According to the government, the biometrics used in the Aadhaar ensures that the welfare services reach to those who c\actually need them. However, as the private companies started to mandate Aadhaar card linking, the privacy of each individual has been threatened.

Recently, a security lapse showed that accessing the data of Aadhaar card is very easy. A local newspaper had been able to access the Aadhaar card data of billions of people. The data had been sold for as minimum as 8 dollars. However, as per the government of India Aadhaar



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