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India’s Foremost #5G Lab Has Been Installed in IIT-Delhi


India’s Foremost #5G Lab Has Been Installed in IIT-Delhi

According to IIT-Delhi, a radio lab has been set up with several antennas for standardizing, researching and manufacturing 5G apparatuses. As per the statement of IIT, the huge Multiple-Input Multiple-Output laboratory has been set up in IIT Delhi so that India can establish itself in the international market of standardizing, researching, developing and manufacturing 5G machinery. The first 5G laboratory in India will be inaugurated on 13th April.

An IIT-Delhi professor, Saif Khan Mohammed who is working on the MIMO or Multiple-Input Multiple-Output technology confirmed that the new lab will help in reducing the production of harmful radiation which in turn will lower the health hazards. He also added that it’ll allow better communication as it’ll need lesser radio interference.

As stated by the IIT-Delhi professor, in contrast with the 3G or 4G systems, a large number of antennas have been positioned at the base station.

The antennas ensure that there’s a reliable connection between the network and an array of mobile terminals that are on the same frequency at the same time. He also informed that the collection of antennas will improve the effectiveness of the system power which in succession will reduce the radiation of the mobile terminals by ten times. Thus, it doesn’t only lessen interfering with additional radio systems, but we can also avoid the health risks that arise in contact with radiation.

On a concluding note, Mohammed added that for the success of the Digital India project it’s important for India to manufacture cellular telecommunication machinery so that the operators can offer broadband service even in rural areas.

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