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Is 5G Enough To Plug The #Voice Revenue Gap; Telcos Set To Lose $157 Bn From Voice In 5 Yrs


Is 5G Enough To Plug The #Voice Revenue Gap; Telcos Set To Lose $157 Bn From Voice In 5 Yrs

It is not news that the revenue from voice has been coming down for the service providers across the globe. According to a report by Juniper research, the operators are expected to lose $157 billion from voice in the upcoming five years.

Juniper Research also states that operators are trying to make new revenues from 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for now. But the revenue model for AI or 5G is not very clear. The industry is unsure as to where the money is likely to come from the emerging technologies of AI and 5G.

Even as telcos around the globe are in a race to launch 5G before anyone else, there is a rising clamour against hype around 5G. The technology is different from any other previous GSM technology. Besides high speed it also brings low latency and this combination means that it will enable a number of new and innovative use cases in many industry verticals. Smart home, driverless vehicles and remote surgery are just some of the use cases possible with 5G. Even so, there have been concerns regarding the monetization of the 5G technology.

Foundation of 5G is being laid across the world and among various enterprises as well. 5G business models are also in progress wherein some are relying on enterprises while others are depending upon Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications for generating both demand and revenue.

It is also speculated that 5G can also be largely driven by other industries. The most acquired technology will only be developed by these industries depending on the latest technology trends, which is very practical on business grounds.

“Juniper advises that operators must adopt new ecosystems of converged technologies, including voice, messaging and digital assistants such as Alexa.”, says the research. The company also suggests that the operators can provide a joined up set of applications as “the OTT market is fragmented”.

The research also revealed that 5G will bring operator billed revenues of $88 billion while the industry will be losing that $157 billion in the same time duration. This leads to another alarming question as to how will operators make up the other $69 billion?

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