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Major European Telcos, Vendors Sign 5G Manifesto


Major European Telcos, Vendors Sign 5G Manifesto

Europe’s leading service providers have together to sign 5G Manifesto For Timely Deployment of 5G In Europe to develop a roadmap for the development and deployment of 5G across the continent.

European Commission had called for 5G action plan at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. Besides the major operators, vendors like Ericsson and Nokia have also signed the Manifesto. The 5G Manifesto is designed to foster collaboration between companies in the telecommunications industry and key vertical sectors, facilitate the development and growth of the European digital ecosystem, and encourage an investment-centric policy framework.


“As mobile technology progresses towards 5G, Europe has a critical opportunity to reclaim a leading digital role and extend fast mobile connectivity to all of its citizens,” said John Giusti, Chief Regulatory Officer, GSMA in a press note issued by GSMA. “Because 5G is still a nascent technology, the steps we take today to foster an enabling environment will be crucial in ensuring the future success of this technology and in re-establishing Europe’s position as a leader in innovation.”

The Manifesto aims to facilitate digitalisation of the European Economy. It also talks at length about the vertical industries, industrial applications where IoT is concerned.

“In order to facilitate the adoption of 5G technologies, the European Commission and Member States must encourage and incentivise cross-sector innovation through adequate policies and support for cross-sector hubs for experiments, trials and large scale pilot programs. Policies and rules must be future-oriented, pro-investment and pro-innovation. It would be appropriate to investigate whether regulatory harmonisation in some industry sectors, such as healthcare, energy or automated transport, is feasible and could help unlock truly pan-European services. Cross-sector policy enhancements must be ambitious and implemented speedily in order to capitalise on the 5G innovation “window”,” says the Manifesto.



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