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NEC, NDWC Thailand successfully tested flood simulation system


NEC, NDWC Thailand successfully tested flood simulation system

NEC Corporation and Thailand’s National Disaster Warning Center (NDWC), have jointly tried and tested a flood simulation system capable of predicting the inundation areas susceptible to floods in Thailand.

The country is prone to natural disasters and has become a victim to many disasters in the early years. These events have had significant economic impact on the country. NEC’s flood simulation system is expected to solve the issue to a larger extent.

The system consists of shared platform with functions such as data integration, visualization, early warning, and disaster modules. These functions can be individually chosen as required, or can be combined in order to predict multiple disasters simultaneously. The system uses meteorological data (observed rainfall and forecast rainfall), topographical data (elevation values, land use purposes), and watercourse data (river networks, water levels, sewer systems, etc.), to predict inundation areas.

Moreover, it can also provide hourly-basis prediction for a period of up to seven days in advance, helping NDWC to issue warnings to threatened areas prior to the onset of the flood.

Besides floods, the system is also a prediction solution for landslides and earthquakes.

“I firmly believe NEC’s flood simulator, which is one of the most effective disaster simulation systems for NDWC, will help us improve our operational efficiency. In order to benefit more from the system, we are considering to further expand the coverage area of the simulator,” said RADM Song EKMAHACHAI, Director of Warning and Dissemination Section, National Disaster Warning Center.

“As our country is also facing risks of landslides, we have a high degree of interest for NEC’s landslides simulator. We are committed to mitigate damages from natural disasters and to save our citizens’ lives by continuously implementing these innovative ICT technologies,” he added.

The trial was conducted in Uttaradit Province in Northern Thailand during the period from November 2015 to March 2016. It was conducted as a part of the “Research and study for the development of a flooding simulator in Thailand” project commissioned by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication.

Ria Lakshman. V is a lead news writer at The Telecom Times. She studied Journalism at Manipal School of Communication and proceeded to work in newspapers and magazines, with technology as her focus area. Passionate about Telecommunications sector, her move to 'The Telecom Times' was a natural choice. Alongside, she also writes for Telecom Talk, where she covers news and tech commentaries in the sector of telecom. In the free time, Ria loves to go camping, read books, or sketch illustrations. She also runs a local design studio and promotes eco-friendly crafts. Ria can be found sharing her knowledge and insights on Twitter.



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