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#Nokia AVA To Help Hutchison 3 Provide Better Network Experience In Indonesia


#Nokia AVA To Help Hutchison 3 Provide Better Network Experience In Indonesia

In Indonesia, Nokia is helping Hutchison 3 to widen its LTE network with better coverage and data transmission and provide improved customer experience. Nokia’s Spectral Performance Management solution has been a significant contributor in a major increment of 17% in Hutchison 3’s spectral efficiency. This clearly states that Nokia has been successful in extending its mobile broadband to even more subscribers.

Hutchison 3 Indonesia wants to provide the best quality service, especially for younger subscribers who are using bandwidth-hungry applications such as video and mobile gaming. Due to high growth in subscribers and traffic, the operator must make the most out of its LTE radio network resources without adding hardware, spectrum or cell sites.

Nokia’s spectral performance management technology has enabled Hutchison 3 Indonesia to proactively identify and resolve network performance issues and provide the best quality service for its growing subscriber base. Nokia AVA’s cloud-based analytics generates automated recommendations that improve spectral efficiency and help prioritize investment in additional capacity.

Nokia AVA collects, stores and analyzes data from multiple sources, including Minimization of Drive Test (MDT) data. A 3GPP feature, MDT enables the collection of performance data from Nokia and other vendors’ networks, tapping into billions of anonymized measurement reports sent by ordinary mobile phones.

Machine Learning algorithms, developed by Nokia’s services experts in partnership with Nokia Bell Labs, analyze the data and identify patterns of usage and network behavior to provide highly granular, sub-cell level insights about subscriber density, application throughput and radio signal performance.

This forensic level of analysis helps network engineers understand where capacity is running out and how data throughout can be increased while predicting future demand from subscribers. These granular insights allow Hutchison 3 Indonesia to plan more accurately and increase the return on network investments including, future-proofing its evolution to 5G.

Desmond Cheung, CTO of Hutchison 3 Indonesia, said: “We provide high quality 4G data services with particular focus on the millennial across Indonesia. We are very pleased that Nokia and their Spectral Performance Management solution, using the latest innovations in AI and machine learning, help us to reduce the latency and increase capacity so that our customers can respond to their mobile games much quicker and enjoy superior video quality.”

John Byrne, Service Director for Global Telecom Technology and Software at research firm GlobalData, said: “Mobile operators of all stripes face the same reality: network demand continues to increase, but available spectrum generally stays the same. As a result, they must do everything they can to squeeze more capacity and performance out of the same pipe. Analytics-informed artificial intelligence plays a vital role in ensuring strong network performance and maximizing spectral efficiency.” 

Dennis Lorenzin, Head of the Network Cognitive Service unit at Nokia, said: “Spectrum is a finite resource, so making the most out of it is the smart thing for any operator to do. Hutchison 3 Indonesia is addressing head-on the challenge posed by growing subscriber numbers and new bandwidth-hungry apps such as video and gaming. With the help of Nokia AVA, they can improve network efficiency and boost the experience for their subscribers.”

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