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Nokia Expands 1830 PSS Product Line


Nokia Expands 1830 PSS Product Line

Nokia announced expansion of its 1830 PSS (Photonic Service Switch) portfolio with a new PSE-2 (Photonic Service Engine version 2) programmable silicon chipset and 1830 PSS-24x next-generation optical networking systems. The offer quadruples optical fibre capacity to more than 70 Tbps.


The enhanced 1830 PSS family doubles wavelength capacities and wavelengths per fibre, thus will enable the telcos to deliver 100G transport services to their customers. On the other hand PSE-2 will help the service providers to maximise the efficiency of finer in their network.

The PSE-2 will now be available in two versions. The PSE-2 Super Coherent (PSE-2s) for applications with very high traffic demands and potentially challenging distance requirements. It can be programmed with seven unique modulation formats to support optimized 100G to 500G transport wavelength capacities. It also lowers cost per bit per kilometer by maximizing capacity for every distance and at the same time utilises 50% less power.

The other version, PSE-2 Compact (PSE-2c) is optimized for 100G DWDM applications where density, space and low power are paramount, including metro access and aggregation networks.

Nokia also announced the 1830 PSS 500G DWDM Muxponder, a flexible DWDM line card with up to 500G capacity. The company said in a press note that the 500G line card carries up to to five 100G services per line card.

Nokia has also expanded its Wavelength Routing system to support the L wavelength band, which claims to double the number of wavelengths per fiber.

Sterling Perrin, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading, said: “Nokia has come out with a powerful combination of innovations aimed at increasing capacity while also adding flexibility and improving efficiency in optical transport networks. More significantly, these are not just technologies, but commercial products that are being rolled out right now. While each of the PSE-2 advancements is important on its own, it is really the flexible combination of features – covering 100G to 200G to 400G and from metro to long haul and ultra long haul applications – that makes the PSE-2 announcement so compelling.”




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