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Nokia Network Proposes Indian Operators 5G Network Testing


Nokia Network Proposes Indian Operators 5G Network Testing

Nokia Networks is in talks with Indian telecom operators to start the trials of next generation 5G networks in the country. Nokia is already conducting 5G testing in with operators other countries such as US-based Verizon, Korean SK Telecom, and Japan’s NTT Docomo.


According to Nokia, the 5G network can be commercialized by 2020. The 5G technology will guarantee delivery of 100 megabits per second speed at homes and will be capable of handling 1000 times more data traffic, the company claimed.

In India, Nokia Networks is part of Telecommunications Standards Development Society which is working on 5G. However, India is still in its initial phase of 4G deployment, with the majority of the countries are yet-to-be-covered.

Talking about 5G networks, Nokia Networks Head of Mobile Broadband Milivoj Vela said that 5G will focus on data services while voice calls will be facilitated through 4G technology.

“It will be used for purposes beyond voice and data communications carried by people. It will have less than 1-millisecond latency that will be used by machines for quick action like for to stop in case it identifies any obstacle, surgery from remote location etc.”

“Discussion about spectrum (at the global level) in which 5G will operate will finish by 2019. Commercial 5G deployment will start in 2020. Then you will see 100 Mbps guaranteed speed everywhere,” Vela said.

He said that 5G will operate in spectrum band above 6000 Mhz and the technology will be launched in phases. “One cell (mobile antenna) in 5G will be able to handle 1000 times more data traffic in 2020 compared to data traffic in 2010. We have already achieved 1 million devices connected to the single cell site and 30 Gbps speed on 73 GHz bands in the lab,” Vela said.

At present spectrum band between 700 Mhz and 2.6 Ghz are available for mobile services in India. Wifi services are generally used between 2.4 Ghz to 5.9 Ghz. “Already 4G is taking voice calling to high definition voice calls and voice call cannot be better than this. 5G will about the high quality data experience. It will enhance telepresence (web conferencing) to a level where one will not feel the difference if a person is in the room or on telepresence,” Vela concluded.


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