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Nokia To Cut More Than A 1,000 Jobs In Finland


Nokia To Cut More Than A 1,000 Jobs In Finland

Finnish giant, Nokia would be cutting 1,032 jobs in the country as part of its cost-cutting program, post its acquisition of Alcatel Lucent earlier.


Job cut is not new to Nokia. It was forced to cut down thousands of job in the past decade as its phone business started floundering. The devices unit was finally sold to Information Technology giant, Microsoft. However, the company recently announced its re-entry into the phone business again.

The company employs about 104,000 people across the globe, with about 6,850 in Finland, 4,800 in Germany and 4,200 in France. Nokia had started the cost cutting program in April earlier this year and is targeting 900 million Euros of operating cost syngeries from the Alcatel deal by 2018.



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