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#Poland Incident Is New Chapter In #Huawei And #Spying Saga


#Poland Incident Is New Chapter In #Huawei And #Spying Saga

Recently, an official in Poland said that the country is planning to stop or restrain the use of mobile equipment manufactured by Huawei. The decision is taken on the basis of an arrest of an employee of Huawei. It is assumed that the employee has been spying. In connection to this incident, China has requested the countries to stop accusing the company time and again.

Huawei is one of the biggest mobile equipment manufacturing company in the world. It has been under constant scrutiny since the US government brought allegations against the company. It has been said that the devices and the equipment produced by Huawei can be used by China for spying. The main reason for this belief is the link of Huawei’s Chief with the Chinese Government.

Even though the allegations have been denied by Huawei and those have not been proved, many Western countries have banned Huawei from doing business. The United States, New Zealand, Australia are some of the countries which have banned Huawei’s equipment from being used. Security concerns have come up in other countries including Canada and United Kingdom, Taiwan and also India. The Indian Government had banned Huawei for eight months about eight years back. Even now last month there were some murmurs about Huawei not getting invite for 5G trial initially. The company finally did get an invite from the Department of Telecommunications. Poland has arrested an employee of Huawei and a previous Polish security person for espionage.

According to an official of the Polish government, the policies with Huawei have not been changed. However, the policies will be reviewed and the products of the company will undergo scrutiny as well.

As per the statement made by the Foreign Minister of China, “some people” come up with unsupported accusations regarding security threats to restrict the growth of the Chinese equipment companies.



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