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Questions Arising Regarding Wi-Fi Wipe Out

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Questions Arising Regarding Wi-Fi Wipe Out

The chief of small cells marketing at Nokia Stephane Dauble revealed his thought in an interview regarding the extinguishment of Wi-Fi. The interview was taken at the Small Cells World Summit that took place last month in London.

Nokia, unlike other telecom operators, believes that Wi-Fi won’t be able to succeed in keeping up with the growing competition that 5G has started to come up with. Stephane Dauble said to Telecom TV that Wi-Fi will remain in use for the applications that are non-business and aren’t critical at all. However, Wi-Fi will fail to provide critical communications that require a lot of improvement.

He also quoted that in relation to the vertical segments, Wi-Fi has a great demand. Nonetheless, the newest technology of 5G and LTE will offer both wireless features as well as mobility, which will be the best option for the users.

Nokia developed Wi-Fi access points considering the fact that LTE doesn’t have equal coverage like Wi-Fi. Stephane also informed that they use Voice over IP or VoIP within their office and the Wi-Fi network serves its purpose efficiently.

He continued saying that 5G and LTE will be able to handle far more complicated and important communications that include either machine to machine communication or IoT. This is the reason, according to Dauble, that some of the telecom operators are too enthusiastic about the launch of 5G services.

As Stephane already said, the device of Wi-Fi and its access base point are already huge and chances are it will grow larger in the future. The market for ‘carrier Wi-Fi’ apparatus has reached $626 ml by the end of 2017 and the researchers assume that it will reach $3.5 bl by the end of 2022. However, it is also evident that the graph of the success rate of Wi-Fi will start falling once 5G hits the market.

Though Wi-Fi will still be in use, it will be in the supporting role for the applications like IoT or the broadband users.
The main reason that Wi-Fi will still be used by a large number of people is that it can be deployed in businesses and homes without the need of locking within a carrier or paying to spectrum. Besides, at the time of launching 3G and 4G networks, speculations were that Wi-Fi will be eliminated but it survived the competition.

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