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RCom’s GCX Expands Cloud Infrastructure To Support MS Azure ExpressRoute


RCom’s GCX Expands Cloud Infrastructure To Support MS Azure ExpressRoute

Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), subsidiary of Indian service provider, Reliance Communications, has expanded its cloud ecosystem with the addition of support for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. The company is offering access to ExpressRoute via its CLOUD X Fusion service in Chennai.


Cloud X Fusion enables enterprises to utilize Ethernet or MPLS VPN to connect their on-premise network or datacenter directly to Microsoft’s cloud platforms. Besides Chennai, in India, Cloud X nodes have also been launched in other Indian cities such as, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Besides, the nodes are launched in Hong Kong, California, London and New York.

“As India enterprises enter a new era of digital globalization, they require sophisticated new levels of support to tap into opportunities from the convergence of Big Data and the IoT, to the latest augmented reality apps. Through the interconnection of CLOUD X Fusion and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, customers will benefit from the added flexibility and global reach to be more competitive as we look at new opportunities from the ‘Digital India’ initiatives,” says Braham Singh, Senior Vice President of Global Product Management at Reliance GCX.



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