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Reliance #Jio Celebrates Its Second Anniversary


Reliance #Jio Celebrates Its Second Anniversary

Reliance Jio completes its two-year journey on 5th September 2018. The company first introduced a disruptive pricing for the telecom services. Now, it is one of the leading telecom companies in the world.

As per Jio, the credit for the success goes to the affordable pricing strategy along with an updated technology. The company has a huge impact on the mobile data consumption rate within the last two years of its business. While prior to the appearance of Reliance Jio, the rate of mobile data consumption was 20 Cr GB a month, now it is 370 Cr GB a month. Therefore, in terms of mobile data consumption, India shifted from the 155th position to the 1st.

Reliance Jio is the only telecom company in the world to have Exabyte network. More than 100 CR GB of data is being transmitted every month. Within six months of its launch, Jio’s customer base reached 100 million with seven new customers being added per second. The company claims to have 215 million customers as on the end of the second quarter of 2018.

With its widest LTE extension, it is assumed that the company will soon cover 99% of the population of India. One of the main reasons for its successful market penetration is that the company offered free outgoing calls along with its other tariff plans.

Jio’s success has enhanced the userbase of the social media platforms as well. Almost 70 million people joined Google and Facebook within the first year of Reliance Jio hitting the market.

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