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Reliance Jio Targets Enterprise Business Customers Through Affordable High-speed Internet

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Reliance Jio Targets Enterprise Business Customers Through Affordable High-speed Internet

There are many business organizations that do not have high-speed internet connection in India. To address the need and enter the market, Reliance Jio is planning to come up with an affordable broadband connection.

As per the president of Reliance Jio, there has been a huge gap in the sector of telecom connectivity. That is why Jio wants to offer affordable connectivity so that the gap can be connected.

There are 1.4 million SMEs in India along with over 5,000 large businesses. Furthermore, there are 51 million SMEs and micro businesses that are registered. Out of these, only 1 million businesses have internet connectivity. Bharti Airtel is the primary rival in this competition of Jio.

The president of the company thinks that broadband will be an important aspect of businesses in India as the enterprises are deprived of internet connectivity. Reliance Jio has already disrupted the mobile internet business since the launch of the company in September 2016. Currently, it has more than 275 million user-base. Now, the company is looking forward to leveraging the fiber-based high-speed affordable network for the enterprises.

The micro, small and medium enterprises are proving to be quite a possibility in creating job vacancies, improving the economy of the country and producing in large numbers. It is found out that the MSMEs have control over 38% of the gross domestic product of India. It makes MSME one of the most promising sectors for the overall growth of the country.

Therefore, if the MSMEs have access to high-speed affordable broadband service, they will surely become more skilled and can take part in the digital economy.



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