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#Samsung Emerges As A Global #Telecoms 5G Gear Maker


#Samsung Emerges As A Global #Telecoms 5G Gear Maker

Even though the 5G race is still at the early stage, it marks the emergence of Samsung, as a global telecom equipment gear maker. Besides Reliance Jio in India and a few other telcos, this is not the case where 5G is concerned. The company has made huge strides in the US market. It already counts AT&T, Verizon and Sprint as its customers for 5G. This growth might be at the cost of the Chinese vendors, Huawei, who is unable to conduct business in the US and is also barred by Australia.

Besides Samsung, Nokia, and Ericsson also seem to be leading the race. SK Telecom, the South Korean telecom operator has announced to choose these three companies for its 5G equipment. SK Telecom announced the selection of the three companies right after AT&T declared the selection of these three companies. AT&T is planning to roll-out its 5G service by the end of this year. SK Telecom has been conducting a number of trials and pilots to   Verizon has also confirmed that it has joined hands together with Ericsson and Samsung in order to launch its fixed 5G network. The wireless network will be launched on 1st October.

However, SK Telecom choosing these three vendors is not shocking. The companies have worked together while SK Telecom launched its 4G LTE service as well. Besides, the company is also working with Korea Telecom, NTT DoCoMo and Verizon for deploying its 5G services.

Huawei was also a competitor of these companies but it didn’t get selected finally. The Chinese company has recently been banned by the US, Australian as well as Indian governments. The mobile operators of these countries have been instructed not to use mobile equipment of Huawei as well as ZTE.

SK Telecom was leading the list of most promising telecom operator to launch its 5G service last year. It is still one of the most advanced telecom operators in the world that have made huge development in testing its 5G network.

SK Telecom, the South Korean telecom company has also introduced the use of artificial intelligence in 5G networks. The company appeared in the 5G New Horizons Symposium that took place in Austin, Texas. An executive of the company notified that SK Telecom is looking for ways to integrate AI into its 5G services to provide better services.



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