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Strategies To Secure Your Connected Vehicles

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Strategies To Secure Your Connected Vehicles

The world of connected cars is not too far. A key issue is the safety and security of the autonomous vehicles. As we are living in the world of technological advancement, the automobile manufacturers are looking for ways to develop the web-connectivity in the vehicles as well. In one hand, the users enjoy services such as monitoring the maintenance and systems that provide infotainment. On the other hand, the web-connectivity poses threat to the users. Therefore, there are some ways that the automobile sector is planning to use so that the security can be increased.

Software updates:

Just like the fact that our computers and smartphones need to be updated so that the installed software perform well, the software installed on these vehicles should also be updated on a regular basis.

Updating the software ensures that the vulnerabilities of the vehicles are being checked regularly and any technical problems are being diminished at once. Therefore, to make sure that the vehicles are safe and secure, some of the automakers are opting for “over-the-air-update solution”. In this process, the vehicle downloads the updated software from the cloud and the process is made easy using the remote code for each of the connected vehicles.


Before a connected vehicle is allowed to take the roads, the manufacturer must ensure that the vehicle has been tested thoroughly. Testing and verifying is very necessary for the safety of the user.

Solutions based on the clouds:

Some services are operated in the clouds and these services provide optimum security when it comes to connected vehicles. The applications like encryption or defending from malware attack are cloud-based. As the automobile manufacturers are choosing to set the cybersecurity in the cloud instead of setting it in the vehicle, they are increasing the chance of identifying any threats and resolve those immediately. The network of the vehicle doesn’t get affected at all in the process. Furthermore, the cloud-based services help the automakers to manage the fleet of web-connected vehicles at once.


Blockchain can be used for the web transactions by using cryptocurrencies. In accordance with the security of the connected vehicles, the service can be used to transmit data among the gateways, vehicles, processors etc. Besides, the distributor ledger can be helpful in authenticating the record of the vehicle. (Ultimate Guide To BlockChain And What It Can Do For You.)

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