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Swisscom Takes IoT Leap


Swisscom Takes IoT Leap

Switzerland’s service provider Swisscom is deploying a national network to support Internet of Things. The network would be using Low Power Wide Area Network standard from LoRa Alliance.


Elaborating on the reasons for going for a different network for IoT, Christian Petit, Head of Swisscom Enterprise Customers, says, “In many cases, we only need devices to be able to transmit the smallest units of information. This is precisely why we are setting up this network: in order to efficiently network objects such as fire hydrants, bicycles, umbrellas and much more.”  The initial rollout is likely to start by year-end.

“The Low Power Network forms the basis for the ‘Internet of Things’ and thus for smart cities, energy efficient buildings, machine-to-machine networking and new digital applications.It grows exponentially, and various studies suggest that there will be billions of devices communicating with one another on a global level in future,” said the company press note.

The company plans to cover 80% of the country’s `outdoor’ population by the end of the year and partial coverage in 10 cities. The Low Power Network is deployed on a non-licensed SRD band and transmits at a maximum of 0.5 watts.

Swisscom’s pilot network, launched in early 2015, was the first of its kind in Switzerland. Similar initiatives are under way in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Emirates, South Africa, the US, Russia and India. In the Netherlands, the major expansion of the network has accelerated due to high demand.

“Applications with high data requirements, such as cars, remote maintenance or real-time control systems, will in the future also use the mobile network. They will benefit from the combination of various networks with individual characteristics,” explained Christian Petit, head of Swisscom Enterprise Customers.

Swisscom said 98% of its customers are covered by its LTE network, which supports 73% of its mobile data traffic.



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