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T-Mobile Claims to Be the First to Launch Narrowband IoT

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T-Mobile Claims to Be the First to Launch Narrowband IoT

According to the American telecommunication operator T-Mobile US, Inc., the company is going to launch an NB-IoT network that can be operated through guard bands. As per the company official, T-Mobile US is not only first to offer the service in the US but it is also the first company in the world to come up with the narrowband internet of things.

Narrowband internet of things is based on slices that are quite narrow. Besides, the spectrums are unused. Thus, users will face no interference and the frequency will be separated into different ranges.

On the other hand, another American telecom operating company, Verizon, has also claimed that the company will offer NB-IoT network within this year. AT&T has announced as well that their users in the USA and Mexico will get the chance to enjoy NB-IoT by the end of the next year. Both these companies already have LTE-M networks running in these two countries.

T-Mobile has not only tested the NB-IoT service previous year but the company has also offered the service on a yearly basis only against $6 per device. The company officials have disclosed that they have worked with Nokia, Qualcomm Technologies and Ericson for the deployment of the service.

At the time of announcing its narrowband IoT plans AT&T has declared that the service will be deployed by upgrading software. The company also mentioned that the networks such as NB-IoT and LTE-M will run along with 4G LTE networks.

As per the report published by GSMA, more than 24 mobile operators all around the world have used LTE-M or NB-IoT networks to launch more than 48 mobile networks.

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