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Telcos To Adopt #5G For Its Efficiencies; 5G Revenue Generation Only By Early 2020s: Research


Telcos To Adopt #5G For Its Efficiencies; 5G Revenue Generation Only By Early 2020s: Research

Most early adopter operators will justify 5G investment for its efficiencies; significant CSP 5G

revenue generation will occur in the early 2020s

fixed wireless broadband and mobile 5G will be the two predominant use cases for 5G through 2020, with other use cases set to follow in the early 2020s, particularly as it pertains to Internet of Things (IoT), according to TBR’s 1Q18 5G Telecom Market Landscape.

“Operators will initially leverage 5G for traditional uses of the network: to provide traditional cellular
service and to provide high-speed broadband,” said TBR Telecom Senior Analyst Chris Antlitz. “Fixed
wireless is a tool some operators will use to more cost-effectively protect and grow their internet service subscriber bases, while 5G technology will be leveraged for mobility to provide network efficiencies as well as faster data speeds and lower latency.”

Many experts have raised the issue of 5G monetization and have asserted that the business case of 5G is not very clear. Service providers, including British Telecom, Vodafone amongst others have mentioned that the use cases and monetization will take some to develop. (See: Rising Clamour Against 5G Hype  and 5G: Hype or Reality?)

It further says the over 85% of capital expenditure will occur in four countries of the US, China, Japan and South Korea. A group of operators in these countries have made it a strategic priority to deploy 5G at scale, with the preliminary focus on the fixed wireless broadband and mobile broadband use cases, and IoT to follow.

TBR’s 5G Telecom Market Landscape tracks the 5G-related initiatives of leading operators and vendors worldwide. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the global 5G ecosystem and includes insights pertaining to market development, market sizing, use cases, adoption, and operator and vendor positioning and strategies.



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